landscape photography

Have you ever gone somewhere… put your phone down… and just looked… Looked around at the beautiful world we live in. Have you ever stopped to smell the metaphoric roses… or watched the ways the trees move so gently in the wind.

Have you ever been somewhere that was completely quite. So quite that it seems like the world has stopped and you are the only one left. Or while you were in the middle of the city have you ever closed your eyes and just let the sounds come to you one at a time. The loudness of the cars or intimate conversations all around you.

A tree in a field may just be a tree to you. To me, there is a story. That tree is home to so many creatures. It has withstand the world changing around it.

We live in a beautiful world with so many different landscapes. As a photographer I capture that world. I get to tell the story of the world around us.

Polar Landscapes

South America

US National Parks

Moon, Stars, & Northern Lights

Africa Landscapes