African Elephants

“O Lord of love and kindness, who created the beautiful earth and all the creatures walking and flying in it, so that they may proclaim your glory.

I thank you to my dying day that you have placed me amongst them.’ – St Francis of Assisi My life-long” 
Daphne SheldrickLove, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story

Few animals have such power, grace, and beauty as that of an elephant. It’s hard to describe an elephant. They are both powerful and mighty and scared of the little things. They are loving and kind unless you mess with their family. They are gentle but dangerous. They remember everything. From places to other elephants to people. They travel great distances for safe water and food. It is said that they will mourn those family members that they have lost. Elephants are truly special and a world without them would be incredibly lonely.